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Chiropractor Covington LA Jason O'Rear with Patients
Chiropractor Covington LA Jason O'Rear with Patients

“I had a lot of back pain, and now I’m free of ALL my back pain! Amazing people! The spasms have gone away completely, and I love how fast we saw results.”

- Seth

“I came to see Dr. Jason for painful legs and feet. Now I have no pain AT ALL. We love everything about Limitless Chiropractic! Great staff! Great Doctor! Great results!”

- Ezra

“I have had muscle fatigue and pain in my back and arms for quiet some time. After seeing Dr. O’Rear, I am relieved of my symptoms. I love the accessibility of the office. Its easy to make appointments. Everyone is super nice. Amazing results in a very short time!”

- Zach

"I came to Dr. Jason for pain and tension in my neck and shoulders. He helped find the source. Now I sleep better and have better mobility in both my problem areas."

- Samantha

“Back pain was my main complaint, and now after seeing Dr. Jason, I have better posture and less back pain. Dr. Jason take the time to educate you on how to optimize your health!”

- Maddie

“I had back and neck aches as well as soreness. Now, I feel much better after my adjustments. Family friendly atmosphere!”

- Matthew

“After having my second child, I had severe lower back pain and tingling. Dr. Jason was able to relieve my lower back pain. Thank you so much!”

- Niccole

"Dr. O’Rear,

Thank you so much for the part you’ve played in helping me “get healthy!” I hope your new practice brings great things for you and your sweet family.

Thanks again."

- Edie

"Dear Dr. Jason,

I am so happy for you to get back with your precious family. You were perfect as my very first “C!” I am most appreciative for what you’ve done for me. Take care, enjoy all your happiness in your future and especially your “little people!!”

God Bless you,"

- “Miss” Joan

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